Sunday, April 20, 2008

She never said yes to my proposal::

She never said yes to my proposal::By YOMI AWOFISIBEMeeting Dr. George Olagunju and his beau, Titilayo, you will not but wonder why they couldn’t stop looking at each other as if one’s life depends on the other. You’ll equally wonder why they are so close after almost 10 years of marriage.According to the visibly love struck couple, their journey to tying the nuptial started when they were both in primary school. To be precise, they met in primary 1 and believe it or not, they are quick to tell you that they developed interest in one another right from that time, when they barely knew their left hands from the right.Excerpts:She is my original loveIt all started when we were in primary school. We started together in Efon Alaye, even though her father is from Ogbomoso, and her mother is from Efon Alaye. I saw her for the very first time in that month of September, looking so beautiful and I said to myself that I would like her to be my friend right from that moment.Met at fiveSo, it became clearer that truly we are made for each other and I was just five years old, and she was five years old. Luckily for us, it has been a beautiful friendship. She is quiet. Boys in the class used to take advantage of her quietness and to her food and take her money. Usually, I would go there on her behalf, fought all of them and collected her things for her. She saw me as her defender and decided to pitch her tent with me. We used to sit together and anything she brought from home we ate together during break time and P.E period.She fell sickThen something happened to her in primary four. She fell sick and I went to our teacher to tell her that I would take Titi home and our teacher said ‘Olagunju, do you know her?’ and I said yes, she is my sister. She said you are stubborn, well I didn’t know the meaning of that word and I said thank you ma, I stood there happy as long as she would allow me to take her home.A breakFrom that day till today, I have had access to her house. Somehow, my father noticed the affinity between us and had to send me to Ibadan. That was when we separated and I came back to Efon-Alaye in 1979, to start my secondary school and as fate would have it, we ended up in the same school. When I saw her, she was more mature. I went to her and asked her, ‘can you remember me?’She said yes, you are Femi, and we continued our friendship. She has been very wonderful since then. We went to tertiary institutions and she even started making money before me. After my tertiary education, she came to visit me when I was working in Port Harcourt unannounced.My proposalWhen she got to my office, I told everybody that I have finished the day’s work when the time was just about We left the office for my apartment where she cooked a sumptuous meal with less than N500. My other girlfriends would have asked us to go out and eat at one of the joints and drink, not minding how much I will be spending. So, I said to myself, this is my original wife. A girl that is this nice and considerate, I must marry her as soon as possible. So, I proposed to her and she introduced me officially to her father. Her father and I discussed at length and I think that influenced her decision about me. Till today, she has not even answered my proposal, after three children.He is my prince in shining armorMy husband is my ideal man. From when we met in primary one, I have admired his brilliance. Another thing I fell for was how he uses his left hand. He was always the one who came to my rescue when some other boys tried to bully me. He was and is still my prince in shining armor.

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