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Centre Square Ikoyi

Name: Centre Square IkoyiCity: LagosUse: Mixed Use (Retail/Commercial)Status: Proposed

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Winners of Hip Hop World Awards.
Well,the awards have come and gone. The controversies still trail on but that is what awards are about. This is a comprehensive recap of the awards as penned by a friend who writes for Guardian.So the Hip Hop World Awards came and went and it was a lovely show on the whole.If u want to find out what I thought about the vibe, look and feel of the show, then you can read my article in GUARDIAN LIFE but here, I just want to talk about the winners!ALBUM OF THE YEARFor this category, I had said that I would have voted FAZE if asa was not on the list but I felt asa would win anyways.The winner was…. asa!Congratulations asa!It was an award well deserved when you think about it; I mean, every song was on point and all that jazzARTISTE OF THE YEARHere, I was casting my vote for PSquare.I felt that they had a good album, and that they also had some solid performances. I later got ‘schooled’ by Mike Majic on why TU FACE deserves that award and it made a lot of sense.In the end, the winner was the Koko Master himself… D’BANJWell deserved?Let all the arguments begin now, but what cannot be denied is that DBAnj is a mega star. You should see the way any crowd reacts to him; even the most snobbish set.SONG OF THE YEARIn my exact words, “Come on, what else should win but 'awon ko waiye wa sise, awon ko waiye wa jaiye”?And guess who won?Of course it was… YAHOOZEEI mean, that was the song of the year.I’m not going to argue on the lyrical content or whether it is a masterpiece. I’m just supporting the song that even old women sing in churchLOLRECORDING OF THE YEARLike I said in my very insightful and enlightened way, “Recording of the year is about technical sturves right? Bibanke cannot be tried”And it was not triedThis song was well recorded, masterfully mixed, and well-mastered.So congrats to the Producer, Engineers and the Masters (hey, what else do you call the person that mastered the song?)PRODUCER OF THE YEARI was confused concerning this cos I thought there so many good songs and I was content to sit on the fence.Well, the winner was … COBHAMS (for Bibanke)Yes oh!And according to Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, Cobhams also gave the best acceptance speech.BEST MUSIC VIDEOI said I wanted it to go to ABBEY and TY BELLO for Greenland,This category didn’t leave me too satisfied.While I felt that our videos need more content, I still thought there was massive competition going on, and no matter who won, there would always be tongues wagging.The award went to… DJ TEE for STYLEE!BEST REGGAE / DANCEHALLI said it had to be TImaya oh, and on this one, I think I had very strong opinions.The award went to… TRUE STORY by TIMAYABEST R'n' B / POP ALBUMLike I said, not sure what a Nigerian R ‘n’ B / Pop album should sound like, plus, I still do not get why Niyola was nominated in that category.The award went to … GRASS TO GRACE, TUFACE IDIBIABEST RAP ALBUMDo not have much to say on this category.Oh wait, I might have something to say though.It was funny being at the show to see that at the HIP HOP world awards, the HIP HOP categories and performers got the least applause and crowd acceptance. I guess that’s why they had to diversify and include other award categoriesLol.The winner on the night… RUGGEDY BABA, RUGGEDMANBEST COLLABOI declared that the winner of this award should be ‘I have no booty…’I did stomp my feet a bit when the winner was announced although once again, Mike Majic ‘schooled’ me and told me why they won.It is a collabo with quite a number of heavy weights from different labels and different egos. And it was a good song wasn’t it.So I’m convinced.The winner was … STYLEE (Jimmy Jatt, Mode 9, 2Face and Ela Joe)BEST RAP SINGLEOkay!I might have wanted a certain song to win for sentimental reasons (blood, water, rock), but I must admit that the first award given on the night, went to Africa’s most anticipated hip-hop artiste. And what is even more amazing is, this guy does not have an album released yet, but is building his career one show at a time. I love any artiste that focuses on performing as much as recording, and any artiste willing to pay his dues so I was very excited!The winner… CROWD MENTALITY (M.I)And guess what?He will be performing at the JEANS FOR GENES Fashion Exhibition!BEST VOCAL PERFORMANCE (MALE)I was going to sit on the fence for this category simply because I did not agree with the SONG choices.I loved the artistes nominated but felt the nominations should have been for different songs.In the end, you all know I was ecstatic when the winner was announced!The winner? 9ICE in RUGGEDY BABABEST VOCAL PERFORMANCE (FEMALE)Lara George should have won this award.Here, I WILL fight!I think we get carried away sometimes and forget what the award category is about.Lara killed every note on ‘Ijoba Orun’, and it was a fantastic delivery.That’s who I felt should have won, and I will defend that any day.The award went to.. asa for BIBANKENEXT RATEDI had an opinion here as well. I said I thought it should be M.I, but that because it is easier in Nigeria to be a pop star than a rap star, I was voting WANDE COALI was impressed with the way the winner reacted to his win, and I am glad he won.The winner was… WANDE COALSo, next rated… you know we are all waiting for you abi?HIP HOP WORLD REVELATIONWhat is a revelation?The act of revealing or disclosing; especially a striking disclosure, as of something not before realised.I have heard people say none of the artistes nominated is a new artiste and that infact, ‘asa’ has won a similar award at the previous Hip Hop World award show.Well, that is the definition of ‘Revelation’ and I can defend practically all the artistes nominated in that regard.9ice has been known as the collabo master, but this is him coming to his own;TY BELLO was in the group, KUSH; this was her coming out on her own;Sasha has always been on the scene but now has her album;Olu was of course in MAINTAIN and so this was his first solo effort.Having said all that, it is time to once again announce the winner.9ICE! Yes, apparently, Gongon ti so!LYRICIST ON THE ROLL was MODE NINE for the song, ‘CONTRADICTION’, and AFRICAN ARTISTE OF THE YEAR was BATMAN SAMINI for ‘LAMBORI’.And of course, two people were honoured and inducted into the Hip Hop World Awards HALL OF FAME- Olisa Adibua- Obi AsikaSo,Hip Hop World Awards 2009 came and it was altogether for me, a glam night spent with the UNRULIES.CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners, especially 9ICE, M.I and Tosyn Bucknor.


THISDAY Festival Tickets Go On Sale July 4

THISDAY Festival Tickets Go On Sale July 4Datelines: July 11, Abuja, Nigeria; July 13, Lagos, Nigeria; August 1, Washington DC, USA and October 14, London, UK. 4 Categories of tickets: Country Tickets, VIP Tickets, Golden Circle Tickets and Hospitality Suites.07.01.2008Tickets for the 2008 edition of the THISDAY Music and Fashion Festival which has attracted worldwide interest will go on sale as from Friday, July 4.Demands for the tickets are already pouring in from across the world.Billed to hold in four cities across the world, the festival will kick off in Abuja on July 11 and move on to Lagos on July 13.It will also hold in Washington DC on August 1st while the grand finale will hold in London on October 14.Also, Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel popularly known as Seal has been confirmed for the Washington DC part of the festival.Global music, fashion and cultural icons from Africa and the world will be on display at the festival tagged: "Africa Rising: To Celebrate the Best and Brightest of Emerging New Africa."The festival will showcase, among other things, Nigerian and African fashion to the world.Among the Nigerian fashion icons expected at the festival are Folake Coker of Tiffany Amber, Lanre Da Silva, Dacouver, Emmy Collins, Deola Sagoe, Odion Mimonet and Momo.Other Nigerian designers living abroad lined up for the show are Adebayo John, Lola, Lisa Folawiyo and Jewel Baliza.Last Wednesday at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England, super model Naomi Campbell and renowned coutorier Ozwald Boateng joined THISDAY Chairman Nduka Obaigbena to organise a photocall to promote the "Africa Rising" festival.Some of the international and African stars who have signed on to feature in the festival are Jay-Z, Usher, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Fat Joe, Campbell, Oluchi, Tyson Beckford and Yousou N’Dour.Others who will feature on the World-class festival aimed at promoting massive international investments in infrastructure and microfinance in Africa are Liya, Kebede, Alex Wek, Boateng, Chris Aire, 9ice and Shank.Seal, born February 19, 1963 in Paddington, London is a two-time Grammy Award winning British soul singer and songwriter of Nigerian ancestry.His name Olusegun means "God is victorious". Known professionally by his first name, Seal is known for his numerous international hits and his marriage to supermodel Heidi Klum.Seal graduated with a degree in Architecture and worked in various jobs in the London area.He got his famous characteristic facial scars as a result of discoid lupus, which, additionally, caused some hair loss.After a short time singing in local clubs and bars, in the 1980s he joined Push, a British funk band, and toured with them in Japan.In Asia, he joined a blues band in Thailand for a while before separating from the group and journeying throughout India on his own.When Seal arrived back in England, he met Adamski, a producer who was impressed by him. He was given the lyrics of the song "Killer", which was a huge hit in 1990.Sagoe has given African fashion in the 21st century the most radical expression imaginable, from the deeply rooted African fabrics to perfectly matched accessories.Known for fabulous designs, flawless colour combination, attention to details, perfect finish and finesse, Deola Sagoe, also a two-time international award winner creates designs that truly celebrate Africa and Nigeria.Described as the African fashion designer who is “best placed to interpret our cultural diversity and artistry, our earthiness and mystery, our colours warmth and passion of the African woman in her simplicity and elegance,’’ Sagoe ostensibly depicts earthly feminism in tasteful designs.Sagoe has also participated in fashion shows in America, Europe and Africa alongside fashion enigmas such as Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Channel and Missioni.Other awards and recognitions include participation in Cape Town Fashion Week (2003), The Alta Roma Moda show in Rome (2004), award winner of the Platinum Quality Award at the 10th International Star Awards in Paris (2006).Giving her endorsement to the festival and its objective, World renowned model, Campbell praised the chairman and editor-in-chief of THISDAY, Mr. Nduka Obaigbena, for developing the vision to use culture and music to promote the best of Africa and sending the right signal on how the world community can partner Africa to solve the continent’s problems.“It is fantastic that THISDAY and Mr Obaigbena are helping improve the positive awareness of Africa as too many people have stereotypical and negative views of the continent. He obviously had a remarkable vision, a real passion and a special message... The more I found out about his mission to promote positivity and understanding, the more I wanted to be involved going forward with the 'Africa Rising' Festival,” Campbell said.Also, Boateng, said the festival would provide the best forum to positively project Africa’s image and tell the world that Africa is not about poverty and war but that with good investments channelled into creating business opportunities and rebuilding infrastructure, Africa would take its rightful place in the world community