Monday, June 1, 2009

Driving Against Traffic Now Serious Offence On Lagos Island

Driving Against Traffic Now Serious Offence On Lagos Island

May 28, 2009 09:24, 22 views

Driving against traffic on Lagos Island has now become a serious offence.

This was made known by the legislative arm of the Lagos Island Local Government during a public hearing on environment sanitation and parking/traffic control bill which was held at the council’s secretariat.

The House Leader of the council, Hon. Makanjuola Adisasheu, stated that it was necessary to effect changes through an amendment and review of the environmental sanitation and traffic/parking bye-laws of the local government to ensure proper implementation of the law. He added that strict compliance with the laws will promote and enhance development in the area.

The lawmakers added that the law would include proper implementation of the monthly and weekly environmental sanitation exercise, prevention of flood, prevention of diseases such as malaria, fever, cholera etc., promotion of good health and the creation of a cleaner environment.

The traffic and parking bill, Makanjuola said, would cover driving against traffic (which attracts a fine of N25,000), illegal parking, abandoned vehicles on the road and some other traffic and parking laws that are meant to sanitize the traffic situation within the council area.

He stated that ignorance will not be an excuse, urging market leaders, labor union leaders and CDA leaders to pass on the message, because the government come down hard on offenders.

“Information is very important. When we talk about information, it is for the people to know about what we are doing. That is why we invited the market leaders, union leaders and CDA chairmen. These are people that are closer to the people.