Sunday, April 20, 2008

love triangle

afta the L.A riots, the jungle got all depressed socialy, economicaly
and mentaly. businesses and what was left of the hard working middle
class community moved out to places like Inglewood, valley, riverside
county. years lata, majic johnson steped up to the rescue with the
construction and opening of the majic johnson theater (King and molton).
a year lata, banks, grocery chains set up shops in the community, rakin
in serious black $s. the jungle, from jeferson and crenshaw down to
slouson and crenshaw is the fastest growing community in L.A, even
walmart got a piece of the action (King and crenshaw)....
tho' the jungle witnessed a lot of gang activities in the eighties and
early nineties...the jungle was mainly a blood gang area (Piru blood)
the crips dominated the gang scene in the south central part of L.A,
the inglewood allstars dominated the inglewod area, rolin' 60's crips
out of hoover, acadian squad (armenian gangs) out of the valley and
occasional poachers from riverside (riverside brothers, the 8th street
crawlers, latin kings from the east side, the lo feng from anaheim in
OC. but thanks to strong policing and strong community anti gang
activities the jungle kinna got quiet gangstawise....
some of the major streets in the jungle are...santa rosalia, nicolet,
summerset, palmwood drive........"King kong ain't got nothing on
me"....'am sure you guys remember that phrase by Denzel wahington in
TRAINING DAY...that scene was shot on palmwood drive in the jungle/also
denzels pad ....4136 palwood drive. (my 1st pad stra8 out of da modaland)
one of the residents on palmwood drive was reginald and silvia hayes,
they moved from Alabama in the sixties, Cedrick was their only a lot of kids in the hood, cedrick droped out of high school,
geting quick bucks was the order of the day especialy in the jungle,
the damn place was so freagin' infested with drugs, crack heads,
poachers and hoodlums. tho din' cop no jail time, cedrick was into
everything from drugs to check frauds and all kinna ilegal ish and
ishies, his girlfriend was Tanya, Tanya and her parents kicked it down
the street from cedrick and his folks, they went to t/same highschool
but Tanya didn't quit high school like cedrick. one thing tho', they
were very in love..
afta high school, tanya got a job with the DMV in inglewood CA (Hardy
and la brea). they were inseperable, they did everything together, they
holla backn forth 'bout mariage and kids....but cedrick wasn't your
average one woman man. nicca banged all the chics in the hood, some
even got pregnant (2 kids)...Tanya, always devastated off cedricks's
multiple stunts but wasn't about to ket that nicca go. family and
friends advised tanya to move on with her life but homeghel ingnored
em' all. like daily, 411 gets back to Tanya about cedricks escapades
with from around da way and,homeboy rollin' to palm springs, vegas and
with all kinna chicks including Tanya's best friend. other chics..Tanya
found out about homeboy and her best friend and broke up with
cedrick...devastated and embarrassed, tanya moved to inglewood..down
the street from her job(DMV). for like 2 years, homeboy ignored Tanya.
hurt and depressed, she took a leave of absence from her job for like 3
months....her parents advised her to seek counseling and move on with
her life but homeghel stayed home, she cried and starved herself for
weeks ......non stop.
Tanya and Roy......
finaly she agreed to go out with one of her friends from the DMV, they
picked the "golden tail" in el segundo CA...the golden tail was da shit
back in da nineties...the golden tail was on the ground floor of the 18
story xerox bld rite in the corporate heart el got
giants like martel, xerox, unocal, boeing, raytheon and all dem fortune
500 types. tanya met roy @ the golden tail night club. roy, an
elctronics eng' with raytheon missiles systems rite across the street
from the club. raytheon cranksout the famous tomahawk and patriot
missile systems.
so afta dating for like 3 months, tanya fell in love with roy (so she
thot) months lata they moved in together...roy, your average nice guy,
he took good care of tanya, he was a good provider.......but roy wasn't
cedrick. so she managed to roll by her old hood in the jungle to say hi
to her parents @ thesame time always hoping to run into cedrick...she
did on 2 occasions...cedrick was rolling down the street in a lex with
one of her old friends.....she cried allday.
Tanya tried deperately to solidify her relastionship with Roy...even
tossed around mariage talk here n there...but things rapidly got
f.ucked...roy lost his job'cos of defence cut backs... roy's mother got
sick with terminal cancer back in cleveland ohio, his brother got
sentencd to life imprisonment for armed robbery murder.......roy hit
the pavement daily trynna get a job while tanya strained heavily to
keep up with the rent and other bills......they strugled to keep their
relashionship afloat but deep down, shit was f.ucked and cracking up
real bad...Tanya was geting more and more grouchy and roy was getting
more and more depresed, his mother was dying and the job situation
wasn't lookin' too cool...... their financial situation got worse......
Tanya and Cedrick again......
Cedrick was @ the DMV to handle some business and tanya was @ work,
they exchanged words so lata that evening, they went out to
dinner.....Tanya felt the old cedrick like instantly....anyways, they
banged and reminisce for hours. Tanya and cedrick got into crippin' and
highwire escapades for several months.....tho' roy suspected but didn't
confront tanya 'cos shit was f.ucked financialy @ home and tanya was
buying new cloths, jewelries, shoes, $300.00 groceries...he kinna
figured it out real quick.
tanya was steady kickin' it with cedrick every day after work.
tho she invites roy out to dinner every now and then but knowing the
possible source of her money, roy automatically backs out.
afraid of loosing tanya, roy pounded the pavement harder but was turned
down everywhere...his mother died, roy was a mess and Tanya was six
months pregie.
months lata, tanya gave birth to Roy jr, Roy was happy but still
depresed and afraid of loosing tanya to her ex boyfriend cedrick......
months lata, cedrick calling himself a changed man asked tanya to move
in with him...tanya refused 'cos according to her heart, she's one day
geting maried to Roy (not too sure tho) so cedrick tried desperately to
convince tanya ...he tore up his playa black book, always at home to
recieve tanya's calls, nicca all of a sudden considrate and
affectionate, calls her @ work 3 times a day, sends 1 800 flowers to
her job ... geting her coworkers jealous n shit, takes her out to
dinner twice a week, showers
her with expensive gifts.
yes cedrick was a changed man and would do anything to get tanya back,
tanya was feeling cedrick too so she agreed to move in with cedrick.
but what about roy? tanya decided to talk to roy.....her family advised
her not to breakup with roy...once again tanya refused 'cos cedrick was
her first and still in love with him.....another concern was tanya's
baby, (whose?) deep down, tanya and cedrick knew the baby was theirs
For weeks tanya tried to break the news to roy but could not muster the
finaly, one sunday night while kickin' it in cedricks car outside
tanyas house, cedrick managed to convince tanya to confront roy. roy as
usual was in the bedroom thinking about his situation, his dead mother,
his jailed brother, and the thot of loosing tanya to her ex
boyfriend......tanya asked roy for a min' to talk about some stuff
that's been bugging her (roy knew exactly what she was about to
say..but kept quiet) tanya finished her story and roy shruged ...saying
ok no problem, tanya said thanks for listening and
understanding.....roy, having lil or nothing going for him..... no job,
his mother just died, his one and only brother kickin' it in jail 4
life and he's loosing the love of his life to her ex....tanya was happy
things went well with she rushed downstairs to update cedrick
who was still kickin' it in his car outside...
cedrick welcomed the news with great joy but roy didn't......tanya and
cedrick spent hrs in the car hugging and kissing, planing their future
and how they're going to raise their baby (roy jr).... around midnight
tanya ran inside to check on the baby, roy was with the baby in their
bedroom, tanya took the baby, played with the baby for a couple of
mins...she put the baby back in his crib..she was like roy, are you ok?
roy shook his head saying yes...tanya turned around to go back outside
to cedrick...roy called tanya by her middle name "andrea" tanya turned
around......pah pah pah...3 gunshots struck tanya, 2 struck her neck,
one in her stomach...roy walked over to tanya's blood drenched body,
she was trembling and gasping for air, trying to crawl to her
baby...roy stood over her body screaming 'am sorry babe 'am sorry
babe...tanya was dying....roy pumped one single shot to the baby's
head, splashing the baby's brain all over the white baby crib.......roy
pumped another single shot down his own throat..........Cedrick heard
the gunshots and for some weird reason knew exactly what just
happened... he rushed inside .....there was blood everywhere...cedrick
screamed tanya my baby, tanya my baby...neighbours called 911...the
police arived...cedrick was still screaming tanya tanya my baby my
Cedrick morned Tanya and his son for 2 years/blaming himself for
tanya's death/his son too
Cedrick remained single, he refused to date. he's a born again
christian and currently the resident preacher at the joyful union
congregation in Bell flower CA.
adisa mutiu
coiled off omo eko's love series archives


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