Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alhaja's Luck And Contentions

Alhaja's Luck And ContentionsAlhaja, I know it's crap but at least it's jellin'In any case you can guess what I'm proposin'Oh if you fall asleep I'll assume you're agreein'Let me start first by tellin' you thisYou're the only one who can bring me blissIf you don't throw out my LUDO board gameOh you're a great cook I must saySurely the best I've seen from agege to shomolu barigaFrom maiduguri to North CarolinaThanks to you I no longer have to payTo get myself some great tasting abulaBy just grantin' me this marital statusNo matter how far I have to travelOr how many suitors I have to battleI'm determined to make you my damselTell me would it help if I grovelAlhaja love, I'm not the type with lots of WURA and FADAKABut we don't need that for life's game of doublesAnd though I may not have the deepest money safeI think I'll make enough to pay for your facialsWhatever you say I will obeyFor whatever reason our paths did collideA good life to you I'll forever provideSo feel no worry in being my brideMoney-back guarantee if you're not satisfiedOnly valid if still within warranty periodIn whichever country our home may belongIf people were to know you as Mrs Olowolaiyemo Omo EkoOur road ahead will surely have troublesWe must expect our fair share of strugglesBut if your love or interest in me ever dwindlesIf ever my heart should one day strayIf ever my should betrayThen mark the words that I now sayLet my vital parts shrink and shrivel awaySaying no would cut like a knifeAnd bring upon me untold strifeSo if you should refuse to be my wifeI'll keep bugging you for the rest of my lifeAnd now you've heard my humble pleaI kneel nervously in wait of your decreeSo what do you say?PleasePleaseWill you marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrWill you marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrWill you marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrDamm, i can't get it outNext timeMaybe next time..................

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