Sunday, April 20, 2008

fendie and yemisie

me and yemsie spent the whole weekend @ moms and it was kinna nice,moms is into yemisie like crazy...guys, on Saturday, moms and yemisie was in the kitchen acting like they cookin' n shit but they was gossipin' and talkin’ all kinna shit about me...y'all know how women do....anyways, i heard moms saying..i think my boy thinks highly of you and fendie bringing you here says a lot...he's a very smart boy and i'm proud of him, he's doing a lot to get his act together, you know...going back to school, working hard over there @ the pharmacy, he sneaks hundreds of dollars into my purse every other week ...tho i don't need his money. his father left more than enuff before he passed(God bless his soul)..I just put his money in the bank for him,i'm planning something big for his graduation...Are you going to be @the graduation? she asked yemisie...yemisie looked stuned cos i never mentioned anything about me graduating or even going to school and due to cop ma BA degree n shit...I was going to suprise her...well, iguess thare ain't gonna be no yemisie played along like she knew about it....she said yes def'.....i'm happy for him too.. then she got all serious....she was like, mumy, i love fendie, and i one dayhope to marry him....he's been very good to me. you've raised a verygood young man....tears was rolling down moms eyes...yemisie huggedher, she then whispered in her ear that she'll do every thing in herpower to make her son happy.....i just walked away from the door happyand alarmed.....alarmed about what?? I still don't know but yemisie ishappy, moms is happy so i'm happy too....i'm i in love?? I really don'tknow...but i digg yemisie to the max.....she's a good girl and ain'truling out marriage...marraofact i'd love to. that nite, we didn't say much to, we just hugged/kissed went sunday morning her and moms was 'pposed tobe going to church n all. but she was up in the corner of the room allinto some heavy karate shit....she does that karate ish all the time soi was like what's with you and this karate thing...she was looking sexy and HOT in them karate fit tho'' i mean, sweat rolling down her neck tothe middle of her chest ...highlighting her pointed nipples, her flat wash board tommy shinny with sweat and glowing off her dark african taned skin.........i was gonna jump her too...well, she was like...doyou really wanna know why i do i said yes..sure tell me...spit it... she repeated the question like daring me to say i said sure tell's a long story she, i got time..i replied. ..... Well, she spilled the whole shit in one take without stoping to catchher breath or acknowledge my reaction/s. fendie, something happened to me a long long time ago, somethinghappened and i lost my parents when i was about 6-7 yrs old and ipromised myself neva to be defenseless and unable to defend myself andmy loved ones...I've been into karate for almost 2 yrs now and I have ablack belt in Karate.. .................. fendie, i was born in a village called Iyanju...well, let me start with my father

@6' 9", Ogunmola Ifasegun was the tallest and most handsome dude inIyanju village, the most skilled and fearless hunter. Iyanju village, asleepy farming and hunting village 50 miles north of the old andcharming yoruba city of ogbomoso. Iyanju village like a lot of villageswas carved out of the old oyo empire in the waining days of the fame doromiyon dynasty. Ila odo..about 25 miles to the west and Akere Ifaabout 65 miles down south. Oyo Empire, tradition began to give way to historical fact with theformation and development of the state of Old Oyo. Founded according totradition by Oranmiyan, a son or grandson of Oduduwa, it probably datesfrom the late fourteenth or early fifteenth century A.D., after whichit quickly became politically predominant throughout Yorubaland, its authority extending at its height during the eighteenth century northto the Niger, south to the sea, east as far as Benin, and west toinclude the kingdom of Dahomey. Ademola Ifasegun was Yemisie's pops. He married one of the most beautiful girls (Iyatunde Oguntade) in iyanju village. They had 2 kids(Yemisie and Ogunsegun) ...years back when Iyatunde was a lil girl, itwas customary for parents to take their 16yr old girls to the king'spalace for marital appraisal...but Iyatunde's parents refused to takeIyatunde to the kings palace....openly dissin' the king saying theirdaughter ain't gon be the kings 36th wife. Obviously, the king feltdissed, snubbed and humiliated since it wasn't no secret per Iyatunde'sbeauty in Iyanju village...the king kept his cool but promised never toforgive and forget...somebody's gon pay. Marrofact pay dearly. Few months after Yemisie's 7th birthday, the palace guards showed up @Ogunmola's house, he was taken to the king’s palace...he felt uneasy about going to the kings palace but hecouldn't do shit but smile and wave goodbye to his wife and kids.. The king asked Ademola to cede over his wife to the king to compensate for what Iyatunde's parents did years back...Ademola promptly refused...heknew he wasn't going to leave the kings palace alive...well, he wasright.... @ down, they took him behind the kings palace where he was stripednaked and tied to a freshly broken ant hill, they doused him with honeyand left there in the food, no water ..he knew exactly what'sgoing to happen to him, @ sunrise..the ants are gonna eat up all thehoney on his body and he's gonna recieve milions lethal bites inthe process…ants are gonna be crawling in and out of his nose, ears and mouth... and he's going to die from shock. Ademola tried to hang in there for his wife and kids but he died afterjust 3 days, he was bitten beyond recognition...his skin heavily sun baked Iyatunde, a very smart and strong woman, she knew her husband wasn't coming back and she knew why...after crying and preparing her kids for worse shit, she decided to make a run for Ila odo village with her kids….the king ain't gonna stop with her husband, the king wanted her and he ain't gonna stop.....well, she was too around 3am...few hrs b4 her plan'd exit from iyanju village, theking and the palace guards showed up. She was severely raped and beaten, her jaw smashed and fractured, her nose smashed in...she strugled to free herself but she was held tyte by 4 strong palace guards,yemise's brother was sound asleep but not yemisie, she stood behind the cutain and peepd everything in silence..Iyatunde yelled out her husband's name which infuriated the king, I'm on top of you and you're still speaking his name...he pulled out a knife and slashed off herleft breast, there was blood everywhere, blood running out of her nose,her eyes swollen and blood shot, he then jabbed his royal walking stick inside her vigina, she yelled and begged for mercy but the king wasn’t having it...she felt the stick inside her....death is around the corner she tough..but she immediately set asside that thought, her main concern was her kids and their safety, she endured the pain and agony...............she passed out. The king and his crew left her for dead. Yemisie rushed to her mother screaming mama mi, mama mi...Iyatunde strugled to open her eyes,strugled to get her kids out of the house.... she owed it to her husband to get the kids to safety, to get the kids miles away fromIyanju village...trying to conserve energy, she motioned yemisie to gether brother……… Ila Odo, just 25 miles away, they should be in Ila Odo beforedusk...she tought. No food no water and in serious pain, living on borrowed time and guaranteed death an inch away..her and her kidsdarted thru the thick jungle of Iyanju, like about 15 miles from IlaOdo, she stoped to get the kids something to eat...Yemisie and herbrother were thirsty and she left yemisie and her brotherto scurry around the forest for fruits and edibleleaves....yemisie and her brother hurled up under an iroko tree waitingfor their mother to show up with something to eat..they were scared like shit in the thick and dense forest, weird animals and animal sounds wild flies and butterflies... Yemisie, tired and hungry fell asleep. Her mother, still bloodied andand in pain got back to find a big python like snake wrapped around herson with yemisie fast asleep....she screamed and watched in horror as thehuge snake squeezed and snuffed the life out of her son, yemise woke upcrying and screaming. The snake released segun and crawlled back intothe thick jungle..........segun was dead. Yemisie and her mother criedwhile they bury segun in a shallow grave....yemisie, crying and feelingguilty cos she cdn't protect her brother…she begged her weak and dyingmother for forgiveness...her mother knew death was near, she smiled and hugged her daughter........Iyatunde fell, she could no longer keep her balance...yemise cried out loud ...her loud cry alarted some hunter dude nearby...he responded to yemisie's loud cry......thru pain and and in/out unconsciousness, she whispered her ordeal and begged thehunter to help her, to take care of her daughter, get her to Ila Odo and never to Iyanju Village....the hunter, married with 2 kids of his own agreed and promised to look after yemisie...............Iyatunde managed to squeeze her daughter's hand and clossed her eyes, she crossedover. The Hunter (Akinmolu Odumade) his wife, kids and Ilado village welcomedYemisie, yemise was like one of theirs. Few months after the death ofher mother and brother, yemisie turned 8...she was happy, smart, stronglike her dad and smart and beautiful like her mom, she kept her head upwith a strong determination to push forward, she kept the horrors ofher past to herself..never sharing a word till today (withfendie).........Akinmolu as promised did everything in his power totake good care of yenisie… boycoting all the not up to par schools inand around Ila Odo, Akinmolu sent yemisie to Ogbomosho Girls Academy like about40 miles from ila odo...Akinmolu, his kids and wife visits yemisie every other weekend. Yemisie, very respectful and obedient was an "A"student all the way, the teachers loved her...she ace'd her C/entranceexam and won the state’s best student scholarship...another teacher took interest in her, she coached and prepared yemisie for America's SAT exams which she ace'ed nicely........University of Houston @ Clear Lake accepted her application and offered to pay her under graduate tuition....but how's she gonna get to houston/where isthe money gonna come from?, Akinmolu pondered and debated all kinna options, he debated selling off his farmland, his goats and harvest....well, he did. on a clear blue sky morning, friends, family, villagers/well wishers showed up @ Akinmolu's house to bid farewell to yemisie, they brought gift, they lavished words of encouragements andprayers....kneeling down in front of the people, she cried and thankedthem for their help and support, especially Akinmolu for saving herlife and taking care of her….They called the village photographer to take her picture with thevillagers and a special one with Akinmolu, his wife and her new sisterand brother (Akinmolu's kids). Akinmolu and a representative from the king's palace escorted yemisieto Murtala international Airport in lagos.................. She arrived and started school in houston…(UH@ clearlake)studying to be a pharmacist also working part time @ walgreens pharmacy on el camino real out in clearlake. (Where she met fendie) She looked @ me, I looked@ her..thinkin in my mind that this story just flinged our affairs in a whole different direction……….. ...........................................

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