Sunday, April 20, 2008

have you ever been f---

This is a true story...with some name changes to protect privacy.
This is a work in progress with minimal editing and proof reading.
Have you ever been f.....NO!!!!!NO!!!!!NO!!!!NO!!!!. I'll ask the
question at the end on this story.....please follow me.
Toyin was and still a loud mouth, toyin was and still one of the most
bautiful girls around she's got the best body packed with the best
boops i have ever layed my busy eyes on and please don't ask me about
the bootie 'cos it's one of the best (L.A SCALE...PERFECT 10). I took
Biology 20 with toyin at chafey college.(San banandino county. CA)
I admire toyin's beauty and phisycal attributes a lot (Not her
personalty)'cos toyin talks a lot and most of the S**t that comes out
of her mouth is always wack, one sided and aginst men, so i ignore
toyin all the time no mata what (tho she checks me out all the time
especialy my clothing).
Dotun...Dotun was a hater and still a hater (Dotun was my class mate in
high school back home) I did not like him then and i still don't like
him, Some how this dotun guy showed up in my Biology 20 class and i
said to my self....What da f**k, dont tell me this a/hole is taking
this class with me. yes he was in my Biology 20 class and guess what?
this fool and toyin are friends...all hugging in the middle of the
class, anyway the fist day of class went well no major episode, few
months later at the end of the class we agreed to exchanged #s as per
the only naija's in the class and also promised to keep in touch.( we
all aced the class).
Toyin was at the club one night with some fool who rolled up in a LEX,
she acknowledge me (i was with a date)I acknowledge her too, we danced
twice and took a walk outside for some fresh air...she asked me if my
date is my girl and i said no (da tru) we just hangout and bang each
other every now and then. Toyin shook her head and mumbled under her
breath you are still the same **a (my real name) where tha hell
you got that s**t from and before i finished asking the question, i did
a mental calculation and came up with a name...DOTUN..guys , you see
why i no like this dotun guy. Toyin cleaned it up quickly no we
were just joking (yeah) so i saked toyin what's with the baller she
rolled up with ..Guess what her answer was....He is just a friend
(OOOOOOOOK) On that note i said i got to get back inside my date is
waiting, toyin pulled me back and gave me some funny look but she let
go when i turned around.
I left about an hour later she walked me outside but did not say a word
to my date (i din't introduce them and it was very intentional)'cos
(this is for the guys) Never Never show your cards to girls till u are
ready to make da move on them, your joker is the element of
suprise...If u showed ur cards too soon, she'll be ready for you with
all kind of BS and all pretentious...///WORD.
Anyway she asked me if my # is still t/same....i go sure, we huged,(i
felt something around her waist, i din't know what but i have an
idea..i'll tell you guys 'bout it lata) kissed(cheeks) and said
goodby. My date did not ask me a thing about her (she's cool like that
with omo eko).........]]]]]]]]]]]TWO SUMMERS LATER.
I steped inside my pad, locked my door peel of my expensive fabrics,
took off my sandini albatore shoes, yank off my brief ( omo eko hate
boxers..) and crashed peacefuly 'cos omo eko's king size bed is always
ready for any kind of crashing. (I was at a party the previous
night...I met Tracy and a got her #...must be in my wallet)
Omo eko woke up the next morning (11:30 am. sunday) feeeling tired and
hungry. I open up my drape and windows.....geee it's going to be
another lovely day in sunny southern california i said to my self, i
made a cup of fine ceylon tea, grab my sunday paper and started to
walk back to the bedroom.....geeeez my phone is ringing i turned around
and picked it up to look at the C/ID...It was TOYIN.
Hey **a (my real name) how ya doing/Hey TOYIN what's up. she said nun
much about you...i said busy let me call u back.(guys,never tell a girl
nun much, always tell them you busy and u'll call 'em back 'cos this
bumps up ur ratings and profile... u don't want to creat the impresion
dat u ain't got no action)...Anyway i called her back 2 hrs lata and
guess what, she answered at the 1st ring 'cos omo eko's name and number
showed up on her cely.
So are u still busy she asked me and i go no 'am is ur girl
still there she asked again...i go so what ya up to..(ignoring her
question ...keep her guessing).
Toyin asked me if i would like to hang out, go to the beach, movies or
something....sure why not but 'am kind a tired tho 'cos i was out last
night (what's going on here i asked myself) ok why don't i just come
over, listen to some music and catch up. i said sure...(So Toyin is on
her way to omo eko's's 45 mins drive from the valey) so i hit
the shower and straigthen things arund my pad (tho omo eko's pad is
always good to go)i picked out an oversized white shirt and a beige see white gives you this clean superior aura.....anyway
lets keep the story i did some pushups and press ups to
highlight my six packs.....knock knock....Toyin is at omo eko's
door(she must have burnt some heavy gas to get here so quickly)
Hey whats up T/what's up **a (my real name)anyway omo eko asked her to
come in and make her self comfortable.
So this is where u stay, ur place is nice (tell me something i don't
know) thanks. so toyin is checking out omo eko's pad, going tru omo
eko's foto album(checking out my girls)...guys u see, girls will walk
around ur joint to feel.the vibes, to see if it's da kind of place they
would love to get banged @.
I asked toyin what she would like to drink(she's now checking out my
wine rack, my wine collection) about some wine she replied...what kind
i asked back, about a red,may be a merlot or a shiraz if u have(i think
her knowledge of wine is good...omo eko is impresed) yes i do.....i
picked out 2000 vintage shiraz by alice white australian
appelation...omo eko showed her the label before uncocking. (always
show the label before u etiquette) i took 2 glasses and grab the bottle and head
for the living room (now she is checking out my music colection )so i
ask her to select whatever she feels like listning to..she picked out
barrington levy...shine eye girl, i agreed with her selection.(guys,
always let girls pick out the music 'cos it's a strike aginst u when
they show up @ ur pad and u crancking some s**t they dislike)
So we talk for a while like we realy catching up...'am feeling the
wine/she's feeling the wine so we decided to dance to sweet barrington
levy...i turned up the volume, place my hands around her waist...Do u
..guys remember the thing i felt around toyin's waist a while i know what it was, we are dancing, toching and
grinding...i opened another bottle of alice white.....(ok ok ok now i
must tell u guys 'am feeling something /she is feeling something) she
looked @ me i looked @ her and 'am asking my self what da hell is going
on .....this girl is so beautiful, so physicaly endowed, and thats all
i like about her but it's not omo eko's style to chicken out especialy
with loud mouth TOYIN....Anyway lets keep the story rolling omo
eko steped up close to toyin ...toyin did not make any atempt to pull
away so omo eko moved in for the kill ..... now kissing...holding each
other tight, pelvis to pelvis, the full weight of her rack is on me
(very warm)
..she pused for a sec to catch her breath..that din't take long 'cos we
were right back @ it ...our hands are doing all kinds of
explorations...she pused again this time to take off her top 'cos it's
going to get ruined(yeah)ok now...'am in full omo eko's trade mark
mode..she pushed me against the wall and unziped my fly/omo eko unziped
hers too (she was wearing a white linen short...i like)......
OOOOOh s**t the thing around her waist it's in full
view....siting nicely on her waist, nice panties too (white lace
panties...omo eko prefer thongs ..but this is some high quality lace
panties...very clasy.)the thing is ileke in (yoruba) i don't know what
it's called in the east or north (please let me know guys) this ileke
thing kind of send some warm feelings tru my body......this is some
cool stuff ...anyway we are now crashing the sofa...still doing some
heavy restrictions on both sides.
U see, i don't mind handling my s**t on the sofa...but not this kind of we moved to the bedroom where we finaly shed da rest of our it's skin to skin..heat to heat...she's got some very
flat stomach, nice and agresive boobs, beautiful waist and that ileke
thing again...OMG. anyway i started of nice and smooth keeping a
steady tempo....her back is fuly arched to keep pace with my
tempo....she locked her legs around my back (grecian lock....omo eko is
giving her a lot props)...I increased my tempo with a long and steady
thrust......(i like moaners ...but TOYIN is screaming and moaning) she
moaned and mumble **a don't stop...mins later we exchaged positions toyin is on top of omo eko ...whinning and grinding( I think she
came twice already) mins later i took over and increased the tempo
...she's sweating/'am sweating(she smell good too, nice perfum...i
think magie nois) our pelvis are hiting t/same note at the same time am
increasing the thrust....she is now shaking, her legs a little thighter
around my waist her moaning is now hiting a high note (i think she's
coming again...i think i am too)she's moving her head from left to
right almost violently
but omo eko is still going ,keeping the same her body
movement is eratic and unsteady......she came and held me for 'bout a
cople of mins (dang she smell good...even after sex)...............NOW
PEOPLE... something just happend and u guys won't believe this
S**t.....she rolled over....i rolled over too and thats when we both
looked at each other ....she screamd and ran to the bathroom... ...i
ran after her but she slamed the door...... i realy got to use the
bathroom but she stayed in the bathroom for 'bout 20]30mins....all i
could hear was ......OH MY GOD!!!!SHHHHHH!!!!!OH MY GOD.
i 'am saying almost t/same thing to myself but not as loud ......Anyway
she finaly let me in the bathroom....i took a nice hot shower...she
later ask me to get her bag from her car ...which i did.
Guys, she is not saying much and omo eko is not saying much
either....she went back to the bathroom and stayed there for another
20mins....she is very quiet..and VERY VERY EMBARRASED AND I AM FEELING

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