Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lagos First Lady Thanks Lagosians For Improved Tax Payment:: Receives Kids From Pampers Private School, Surulere, Lagos,

First Lady of Lagos State, Mrs. Abimbola Fashola, on Monday expressed her utmost gratitude to Lagosians for their prompt response to tax payment, attributing the several on-going projects in the State to it.

Mrs Fashola, who received staff and pupils of Pampers Private School, Surulere, Lagos, stated that Lagosians are particularly happy to see their taxes spent judiciously on vital projects within the State.

Expressing her delight with the personal persuasion of many Lagosians to pay their taxes, Mrs Fashola stated that “Everyone you meet will tell you that I am going to campaign, I will be the first person to pay my tax and I will tell my neighbours to pay theirs as well”.

The Lagos State First Lady then enlisted the pupils of Pampers Private School to gently encourage their parents to continue to pay their taxes, adding that “You must get home and ask your Moms and Dads, are they paying their taxes as well?”

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