Friday, April 16, 2010

What we are looking forward to:::Lagos Keys.

The vision for Pinnacle Point Lagos Keys is pure luxury where unrivalled sophistication meets unparalleled decadence and old world opulence embraces modern expectations. Pinnacle Point Group will once again redefine the meaning of Luxury Living as Lagos Keys becomes a luxury leisure destination of choice for Africa’s chic jet set society and is well positioned to rival any global luxury residential and leisure resort.

Pinnacle Point Lagos Keys is a truly visionary concept that will break ground in Lagos, West Nigeria in the first quarter of 2010. The area is set on 4 kilometres of sand keys adjacent to Lagos City on the Atlantic seaboard, on the southwest mouth of the Lagos lagoon, in a subtropical haven of lush vegetation and savannahs.

The Lagos Keys project is a joint venture partnership between Pinnacle Point Group and Red Earth Group a prominent Nigerian investment company with significant subsidiaries and partners including property development, communications, oil and gas, automotive, engineering and bilateral intercontinental business facilitation.


Situated on the very indent of the “bulge of Africa” and the former capital of Nigeria, Lagos is a massive metropolis that extends northwards from its coastal position on the Gulf of Guinea. The high level of rainfall in this part of West Africa means rivers flowing to the Atlantic Ocean often form placid lagoons, prevented from joining the sea because of long sand bars of land.

It is on such a strip of land that Pinnacle Point Lagos Keys will be developed. Bordered on the one side by the Badagry Creek (flowing parallel to the sea alongside the sand bar) and on the other by the warm currents of the equatorial Atlantic Ocean, this prime location is set to enhance the extravagance of the Pinnacle Point Lagos Keys development.

Incorporating two marinas for both the Golf Resort and the Leisure Resort, Pinnacle Point Lagos Keys has been designed to make full use of its idyllic setting.

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