Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eko Pride and Culture Week. Modern day Eyo. Traditional staff @ the state house for Ikapa ceremony

The ceremony, which was preceded by a meeting of the planning committee to review preparations for the event, featured the leader of the Okolaba, the Eyo Adimu Conclave, leading other conclave members to present the staff to the Governor and offering prayers for peace and prosperity of the State.

The ceremony, known as Ikapa, is traditionally held to present the staff of Eyo for blessing to the Governor, the Oba of Lagos and other eminent Lagosians as well as herald the hosting of the Eyo Festival.

According to the order of presentation, the Alakete Pupa Conclave (Eyo Laba or the Royal Eyo) will present the staff to the aforementioned prominent indigenes on Monday followed by the Eyo Oniko Conclave on Tuesday while the Eyo Ologede Conclave and the Eyo Agere Conclave will perform similar ceremony on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

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