Friday, September 11, 2009

Oba Adele II Of Lagos With Cardinal J.F. McIntyre. December 07, 1954

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A R O Y E W U N B A B A J I D E said...

Hi HappyLagosians!

This blog is a quintessence of an Art/Archive Enthusiast. I love the sweet quality pictures you upload with each post - It's simply blast. Funny thing though, its only this blog address I will recommend to anyone who wants to do some fact finding about Lagos (let alone Nigeria) cos even Governement Parastatals dont have enof online resources for that.

I'm sure if a lot of people get aquinted with teh blog, the image Nigerians want to portray will eb harnessed. You could try affixing the 'NIGERIA: GOOD PEOPLE, GREAT COUNTRY' logo to the blog.

Keep up the good shot.

Aroyewun Babajide