Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Other Side Of Lagos::Clear And Present Danger.


C said...

Oh happy Lagosian, it's vids like this that make me despondent. Not because the gov isn't doin great but because I cannot see how this problem can be solved. What do you do with an entire community of about 300,000 people. It's a tough one.

happy lagosian said...

Thanks for your comment and please stop by again.

We know supporting and taking care of 300,000 people and supporting 10,000/day new arrivals is absolutely unsustainable. Lagos is a big magnet and to folks all over the country, Lagos is the last frontier, it's the most peaceful, safest and cohesive state in the country and it's only natural for folks to stream into Lagos.

This is a hug social problem and I know the state is bending over backward and extending hard to come by resources to take care of Lagosians and new arrivals from towns and villages all over the country. Unfortunately, we have a useless and unresponsive central government, they've abandoned and saddled Lagos with huge and grave responsibility.

The only Ideal solution is for folks to stop filling up the slums and go back to their towns and villages because serious hard knocks, suffering and misery is part of the phantom milk and honey paved all over the streets of Lagos. I hope something is done ASAP because I see nothing but chaos and massive social disaster.

Anonymous said...

Force them to pay taxes and improve the area gradually. It is not an impossible task. It does however require competence.

DonCasiragi said...

The answer is raising the taxes high enough to discourage the inflow...this include taxes on those working in Lagos,and those using the roads..it will substantially discourage unsustainable migration. However, it also might lead to the New York effect, where only the rich can live in the Utopia city left behind. Our choice