Friday, July 10, 2009

This is just Shameful And unacceptable! Not In 2009 Lagos.

Filling up a ditch is not rocket science. Who is in charge? This is not only an eye sore, it's endangering the lives of tax paying Lagosians.


Anonymous said...

Do you know how these kind of problems are resolved? I was of the impression that you could report things like this to the LG and they'll fix it. If you have more info. please post. Thanks

happy lagosian said...

Thanks Anonymous.
Normally, we send our complaints via the Gov's personal web site because the state works ministry conveniently minus contact number from their website which is a shame.

We try not to bother the Gov's with things like these but where else do you go?

Use this contact info to send your comments straight to the Gov's desk. They hardly respond though.

possicon said...

Happy Lagosians, I appreciate your effort so far.

I will like to know the status of the pix posted.
has the lagos state ministry responded?

Also I will like to know the location of this road... so that I can also so follow ups.

Possicon For

StandTall-The Activist said...

This is unacceptable and for a moment, I felt this can't be a Lagos road but a federal road. I will join in sending a message to the office of the governor.

RocNaija said...


Nollywood forever said...

Totally agree... completely unacceptable!